Month of November (Incomings) || November 20th 2014

November is not going so well for me, haven’t received so much mails like I received before. But anyway, here is the list from end of october till now.

1. First one is from Maria from St.Petersburg/Russia and I loved the stamps on it!

2. John from Georgia / Usa

3. Lerin from Pennsylvania / Usa I haven’t read the book you told me but I will check thank you!

4. Maja from Opole County-Dobrzeń Wielki / Poland I must admit that I really love this card. I mean I was so excited when I saw this thank you so much Maja I am glad I gave you encouragement.

5.Roshan from Cayman Islands! Thank you Roshan for being a part

5. Hertje from Hamburg/Germany

6. Adem from Canakkale/Turkey he also sent 2 magnets which is so nice ☺️ | teşekkür ederimm 🙏

7. One from Ibrahim who is also living in Canakkale. He is a friend of Adem thank you so much for being a part ✌️

8. Relitza from Saint Laurent du Maroni/France (overseas region and department of France located in South America)

9. Lynne from Liberty-Maine/USA

10. Nathalie from Bedok/Singapore

11. Maiju from Joensuu/Finland

12. Ola from Ukraine 💝

13. Floral postcard is from Adriana in Vancouver, Canada.

14. Dasha from Kiev / Ukraine

15. This one is from a charity foundation located in Cologne/Germany

16. At the bottom, one from Saliha who live in Kayseri/Turkey

17. And last but not least a letter from Serena who lives in North Carolina USA, I love her hand-writing, isn’t that great?

Incomings&Outgoings on January || February 26, 2015

On the left, a lovely postcard from Valeriya in St. Petersburg/Russia

Second one is from Alice in Livani, Latvia

And the last but not least an awesome letter from my dear friend Marie from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Then I filled a handmade notebook for Marie and of course I was lucky enough to receive my secon postcard from Deventer, The Netherlands. This one was from Melanie.

And of course  I sent another letter to dear Leslie in Ankara, Turkey.

After a while I’ve got bunch of postcards and letters and here they are.

1. First one is from Hong Kong but there was no username or name on it

2. Second one is from dear Tabby from Ca, USA

3. Michelle from Phoenix, USA

4. One package from my dearst friend Bahanur in Eskisehir, Turkey.

5. Last one is from Hui Ying from Malaysia

And received one more lovely postcard from Svetlana from Russia.

Fist one is from Bel Air, Maryland but there was no username or name on it

The other one is from Lisa, she sent this postcard from Frankfurt, Germany with an intro letter in it.

Outgoings on the bottom,

One letter for Tabby in Long Beach, Ca-USA

Another letter for Lisa in Frankfurt, Germany (that was really a quick reply)

And 3 postcards for Elena in Belarus

Samantha in Edmonton, Canada

Isabela in Bela Horizonte, Brasil

This was the cutest thing I’ve ever had. A lovely letter from a new penpal.

Merve in Germany. She became a great one already. I am in love with this package and am still looking at it once in a week.

Also sent these beauties to Petergof, Russia

Shandong, China and Siegburg, Germany

After all these incoming and outgoing mails I can say that this is the most special one. This is for Ecem my cousin who is living in Zurich, Switzerland.

We used to write letters each other but then somehow we stopped. This is the first letter after all these years.

I designed another postcard in January and it goes to Lindsay in Kansas City, MO/USA

Hope she likes it.

Here we come, almost the end of January. How fast was that and these are coming from

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Helen from Denmark and Mitja from Vipava-Gorizia, Slovenia


1. Mutiny, Washington DC, USA

2. Que in NY, USA

3. Water in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico

4. Emi in China

Malia Chang in WA, USA and Patricia Mckean in Monterey, CA-USA


1. Sam from Jerusalem, Israel

2. Marsha from La Porte, TX/USA

3. Jen from Danvers, MA/USA

4. Egidijus from Vilnius, Lithuania

And here we are, I got 19 mails through January and sent 18 hope you all receive these soon and have a wonderful month!

Happy New Year || December 31, 2014



Hello everyone,
It’s almost New Year and I have a few words to share with you.
Well, I can say that 2014 was my best year ever.
First of all, I met hundreds of beautiful people through this project! Isn’t that amazing getting hundreds of postcards&letters with special words on it written by you who I’ve never met in person? That’s the only thing I want to give to my future grandkids.
I’ve started this project with a reason. As you all know, I am trying to reach every region in every country and I’ve reached more than 35 countries in last 6 month. Thank you all for participating and helping me on this.
Now, I wish you a great year with full of writing, love, happiness, meekness and of course peace.
Please make sure that you keep positive people around you and let the others go away.
Oh, and the postcard book you see in this photo is the best thing I got in 2014.
Lastly, I want to thank @instagram for helping me on this project, it wouldn’t be the same without you. #communityfirst

Happy New Year! 🎅

Outgoings || December 31st, 2014

This is the last day of 2014 and here’s the last outgoing postcard for this year. I am writing to Elif from Istanbul this morning. Thank you dear for participating.

And these 3 are going to Amanda from Wa/USA, Beatriz from Canary Islands and Nijat from Baku/Azerbaijan

Last one is already reached to my dearest friend Bahanur from Eskisehir.

From Singapore and Malaysia || January 6, 2015

Today we enjoyed Noel tea with my lovely friend Pınar even if it wasn’t noel. Then one other lovely friend told me that today was Orthdox Christmast Eve so I guess that counts too 🙂

If you’re living in Izmir, Turkey you should definitely check this little cafe called Tea&Pot. They have so many different teas from all over the world and you can also buy what you’re drinking. That’s great if you’re a tea lover like me.

2 lovely postcards has reached me today. One from Randi who sent me a postcard from New Zealand before, it took 4 months to reach me and this one is from Singapore again from Randi. I am glad this one took 2 weeks 🙂 Thank you dear @ranisashark

The other one is from Xerxes in Malaysia. He’s also an artist. He designs characters for animated TV series. Thank you so much dear. (at Tea & Pot)

Incomings || December 30th, 2014

Huge mail day again,
1. Razık from Nigde/Turkey, thank you so much for this lovely New Year card.
2. Sya-ron from South Korea
3. Janina from Gelsenkirchen/Germany
4. I am sorry I couldn’t read the name but I think this is my all time favorite from Mulheim/Germany

5. Jasmine from Toronto/Canada
6. I remember that postcard but there is no name or username on it so if you see this post please comment down below I want to know who sent this beauty!
7. Bianka sent me a couple of postcards from Budapest/Hungary thank you Bianka!
8. Jean from Zhongli City/Taiwan
9. Last but not least, Fiona sent me a handmade envelope with a tiny letter in it from Santa Barbara-CA/USA

21/12 || December 21st, 2014

Your mails are keep coming and that makes me feel SO special that I can not live without them anymore!

1. Razik from Ankara/Turkey, actually this is his 3rd postcard from different cities in Turkey.

2. Shiren from Taipei City/Taiwan, this is from

3. Ayu from West Java/Indonesia

4. Jay from Beijing/China

5. Shiraz from Be’er Sheva/Israel, I think this is my first incoming from Israel, I am really glad!

6. Taichung City/Taiwan, it was no username or any name on it, so if you see this post you can comment down below and I can thank you 🙂

7. The other beauty from Ivana my lovely friend from Prilep/Macedonia

8. And last but not least, lovely letter from my newest penpal Leslie from Ankara/Turkey, I am enjoying my pumpking spice tea right now, thank you so much!

Postcrossing Incomings || December 17th, 2014

I’ve got mails from! As some of you know when you send a postcard through the website postcrossing, they give you a number for you to write on your card, so your postcard can be registered by the person you send a postcard. Okay, here is the thing, I have 2 postcards from Belarus with these numbers 1466682 and 83! That means 2 different person from Belarus sent me a postcard at exactly the same time! Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence? I will never forget this!

November Outgoings || December 1st, 2014

I think I need to write these weekly, not monthly 🙂 Anyway, after I got Bahanur’s package I was so excited to write her back and I designed a few letter paper for her. I printed some scenes from movies she likes and wrote a long letter. Hope I can hear from her soon. I think I have a new good friend and so happy about it!

3 of my postcards that I sent via finally arrived yesterday and I am sending 3 more,

1. Fam from Lotte-Münster/Germany

2. ChiaYi from New Taipei City/Taiwan

3. Cariena from Groningen/The Netherlands.

Hope they will receive these soon.

Sometimes I write letters for random people and yesterday was one of those days. I post a photo on instagram and asked if anyone wants a letter from me. I also designed these envelopes, think I was in a mood last night.

1. Ivana from Prilep/Macedonia

2. Sasha from Ukraine

3.Elena from Padua-Veneto/Italy

4. Natallia from Brest/Belarus

And these are going to Maide in Ankara/Turkey

Julian in Bochum/Germany

Daniel in Valencia/Spain

Early Birthday Present || November 22nd 2014

Yesterday I received a surprise package from Bahanur (Eskisehir). She knows that 27th is my birthday and I’m collecting postcards and that’s why she sent me a postcard book that includes 20 illustrated postcards which is SO amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling for an hour. That’s really great knowing that you have a new thoughtful friend in your life. Thank you so much for this awesome gift Bahanur.

Other things I received yesterday are these gorgeous postcards coming from Japan and Germany. First one is from Rika who lives in Saitama/Japan I really like this card thank you Rika! And the other one is from Goksu who is living in Munich/Germany. She and her boyfriend made this postcard for me, thank you so much that’s really special!